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Discover outstanding and timely home, office, or commercial repair solutions in London and East Kent by utilising the expertise of our proficient, polite, and highly-skilled tradespeople.

At BHP Maintenance, we take pride in delivering a complete range of services, provided by our esteemed electricians, plumbers, decorators, handymen, gardeners, and cleaners from London and East Kent.

Do not delay in securing the support of our highly-rated professionals today, and experience the transformative effect of their work on your property.

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Substantial Endeavors

Are you about to start a large-scale project? Look no further than BHP Maintenance for our extensive experience in carrying out all-encompassing commercial repair projects across London and East Kent.

Contact us today for a customised consultation based on your specific needs, and receive a free quote.


What our customers say?


First time I’ve used BHP Maintenance and was really pleased. Very good communications, fast and reliable, quality of work was good. All round very happy, will use again 100% .


Reasonably priced, no overcharging, satisfactory services and punctual people. What more do you ask for!!.


Highly recommended! I logged the issue, the electrician arrived on time, found the root cause & replaced the faulty component.

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