Choosing the right colours for your home

Colour is a great way to completely change a room, quickly and easily. Decorating is now about much more than just good maintenance for the home. Used in the right way, colour can give the illusion of space, make a large room feel cosy or just add a sense of fun or sophistication to an area.

Before you rush out and pick up some paints and hire a handyman to do the decorating, you should think about the colours that are already in the room. If you are keeping the flooring and the curtains, or have a bold coloured, then think about that colours that will complement what you already have.

There is a huge variety of colours on the market, with a wide range of different shades, textures and effects. But it is important to choose the right colour that suits your personality and your home.

Which colour for you

Blue is a refreshing and relaxing colour. Dark blues can shrink small rooms, especially if there isn’t much light, so consider going for a lighter shade for a small space. Blue works well with wooden floors and some people consider it to be a healing and calming colour. Blue is a good colour for the office or study, as it is known to stimulate productivity and also energise and relax the senses.


Green can either look very natural, or very artificial, depending on the shade you choose. Dark greens are great where there is lots of natural light. Light greens are good at brightening rooms that have limited natural light and are a good way of making a room feel bigger. Green can give a room a lovely cool feel and is a relaxing, but also energising colour. It can be used in most spaces around the home such as the hall and living room and is a neutral choice for the bedroom.


Yellow is a positive and welcoming colour that brightens up rooms and can really boost your mood. Yellow works well with any light and floor covering. It is a fresh colour that can give a room the sense of peace, but also energise.


Red is a bold colour choice. It works well with any light and can make a room feel spacious. A vibrant colour, it is often used as an accent colour or for a feature wall. Red is popular for the kitchen and dining area as it is thought to stimulate the appetite. A strong colour that exudes confidence and strength, it can be a good choice for an office as it is considered to represent leadership and power.  


Pink is often considered to be a very feminine colour and it is has become an increasing popular choice when decorating a young girl’s bedroom. Pink is also a fun and friendly colour that can come in a variety of shades, from a pale and soft baby pink to a vibrant fuchsia. A softer shade can give a room a calm and relaxed feel and is a good choice for making a room feel bigger and light and airy.


Browns or dark beige colours have earthy tones and are popular for the living room area. They give a warm, welcoming and cosy feel to a room and some people believe they are good colours to stimulate conversation, which is perhaps why they are often used in waiting rooms.


If you are unsure what to choose, then a professional property maintainer can give you their expert advice on what colours will work in your home and how to make the most out of your space.