Choosing the right blind

When you are thinking about getting new window blinds, you will discover that there is a wide variety to choose from. Whether your priority is style, colour, privacy or all three, you will have no problems finding the right blind for your window.

When you have found your perfect blind then use an expert handyman to give you the peace of mind that it has been installed correctly. If you are confused about all the choice available, then here is an outline of some of the blinds you can choose from.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds give a sleek and stylish look and work with any type of window. They come in a range of fabrics and finishes, including moisture-resistant and blackout.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds combine the attractiveness of fabric with the convenience of a blind. You can select from a wide variety of styles and they have soft, wide pleats that fold flat when raised by the cord.

Vertical blinds

These are great for large windows and glass doors. They fold off to the side, rather than at the top of the window and available in a range of colours and materials.

Wooden and Venetian blinds

These types of blinds are very adjustable and the slats can remain firmly closed for privacy and light control, or be tilted open to let in the light that you want. When they are pulled up they sit stacked at the top of the window.

Wooden blinds come in natural wood and painted and polished finishes. These types of blinds are great for offices but best avoided in kitchens or bathrooms as the moisture could damage them.

Venetian blinds are a versatile choice that give you control over light and privacy. You can choose from a range of different slat widths that will suit every window in your home.


Shutters are ideal to give you maximum control over privacy and light and stopping draughts. They come in wood or a painted effect so you will easily find a style to suit your taste and décor.

Tier-on-tier shutters have top and bottom tiers which open independently of each other.

Café style shutters fix to the bottom half of the window and allow the light to come into the room from the top.

Full height shutters add statement and style to any room. Full-height shutters will stretch from the bottom to the top of the window frame and give stylish definition to the window.

If you aren’t sure what would work with your type of window or window frame, then speak to a home maintenance expert who will be able to advise you which would work best.

To help you select the right blind for your window, think about how much light and privacy you want for the room. Do you want your room to be light and bright, or are you wanting a cosier atmosphere? Think about the function of the room. Are you wanting to block out light for a good night sleep or do you want as much light to shine in as possible?

It is also important to give good consideration to safety. If you have young children, or young children visit your home, then you will need to think about opting for a cordless blind. Don't use corded window blinds or leave cords hanging within easy reach of children.

Once you’ve selected the right blind for your window, then a professional property maintainer will make sure that your new blinds are put up expertly and will become a stylish and practical addition to your room.


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