Home maintenance checklist

To keep your home healthy, safe and to prevent any potential disasters, it’s important to keep on top of all the maintenance jobs, both inside and outside the house, through the year.

Keep a handy checklist nearby to remind you of what you need to check or put right. If any of the jobs seem too daunting or beyond your skills or tools, then call in a professional property maintainer who will do the work for you.


·         Electrics – If you hear a buzzing sound from any of your electrical sockets or your lights have started flickering, don’t ignore it. This could lead to something more serious and potentially dangerous, so call an electrician to deal with it straight away.

·         Radiators – Leaking radiators can begin with just a few small drips, but then very quickly it can escalate into a bigger, more significant problem. So get a qualified plumber or heating engineer to come and take a look at the radiator as soon as possible. It is worth taking the time to bleed your radiators at the start and halfway through winter, as you will be wanting the radiator to be working on full power during the colder months.

·         Boiler – Get your boiler checked and serviced regularly. If it is over 10 years old, then it is worth thinking about changing it as it may not be working as efficiently as it should.

·         Damp and mould – Regularly check walls, window frames and behind large items of furniture for signs of damp and mould. If you spot any, even if it is just a small patch, then deal with it immediately so it doesn’t become a bigger problem.

·         Roof – Regularly check the top-floor ceiling for any brown stains as this indicates you have a leaking roof. The quicker you deal with the problem, then the cheaper it will be to sort out.

·         Ventilate – Regularly opening windows in all rooms in the house is the best way to air your home. It stops cooking smells getting into your clothes and furnishings and also helps to prevent condensation from building up.


·         Roof – Get a roofer or builder to check the roof from the outside. You should get them to check to make sure the roof is still watertight and there are no loose tiles.

·         Pointing – Check the outside of your house for corroded pointing, to make sure that there are not any gaps or weak points for water to get through.

·         Trees – The roots of a tree, even one that is quite a distance from the property, can spread and absorb all the moisture. This will dry up the ground under your home and potentially cause serious structural problems.

·         Gutters – You should check your gutters around four times a year to remove any bird nests, leaves or mud that can result in a build-up of water. This could become a significant issue if the water that has been building up starts coming inside the house.

·         Masonry – Regularly check your chimney and chimney pot for any damage as it could be dangerous, especially in strong winds.

·         Waste water pipes – If you notice a bad smell or your sink won’t drain the water quickly then this could be a sign of a more serious problem.

To avoid any small issues from becoming a big, expensive problem, it is worth calling a handyman or property maintenance expert to come to your property and make sure any concerns are dealt with straight away. It is worth investing in a professional’s help in the short term, to avoid a big expensive disaster down the line.


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